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Defibrillator training – follow up

Follow up to training sessions on the use of the village defibrillator We were pleased to meet you at one of the above sessions and we hope it was useful to you all. Our renewed thanks to Dr Richard Hopkins and his mother for all their help.

Published: 21 November 2023

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We promised to follow up on a couple of things with our fellow councillors.

  1. to publish the code to the box where the defibrillator is kept to save those wanting to use it having to ring ‘999’. We cannot do this as the call to ‘999’ is part of the protocol to which we have signed up when installing it. As well as giving you the code the 999 call automatically activates other help, including the Ambulance service and importantly records that the box no longer has its defibrillator. Once the defibrillator has been used and returned to the box, the activation also ensures we get new pads etc for the ‘kit’ so it is available properly equipped for another use. Once the pads are in place the system is updated as ‘in use’.
  2. to draw up a tree of emergency numbers so villagers can work through this tree to ring fellow villagers for help in the event of an emergency including fire and criminal activity as well as ill health. We think this is a good idea and will start planning in early New Year to develop a list of volunteers. If you would like to be on the ‘tree’ please let Pip our clerk know (contact details above).

We have also discussed the idea of having a village get together/picnic on the playing field in the summer. More of that when the summer arrives!

Meantime we will be erecting the traditional Christmas tree (sourced from Longshaw) at the trough at the end of this week and hope this will be something you will enjoy during these dark days and the forthcoming festive season.

Finally, we are delighted to say we have co-opted Alexa Masterson Jones as a councillor and she has taken up her office with immediate effect. She and her husband have recently moved to Curbar and she is keen to help us develop some community events.

Our best wishes

Councillors Charlotte Cooper and Tony Crook

Posted: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 11:05 by Pip Gilbert

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